Erno Mikkola farm started with 5 hectares of peas and 10 acres of greenhouses with cucumbers. There was retail in kilograms. At first, workers of different nationalities worked on the farm: Ukrainians, Belarusians, Vietnamese, Iranians, Thais, Estonians, and Finns themselves. But thanks to the conscientious and hard work of our fellow citizens, we have proved that we are the best workers.

Therefore, now on the farm "Mikkolan Marjatila" there are only Ukrainian personnel: managers, supervisors, tractor drivers, truck and car drivers, bus drivers, porters, packers, and also our basis are the harvesters.

Thanks to the many years of work of our purely Ukrainian team in LLC "FIN- BERRY’S ", now we have reached such volumes: 150 hectares of peas (40 of them are early peas under the Agro fiber), 16 hectares of strawberries in the fields, also 2.3 hectares of greenhouses with strawberries that are NOT heated (tunnels) and 0.8 hectares of greenhouses that are starting to be heated in winter.

We switched to wholesale sales to monopolistic buyers like Arho Oy, FruitBox, Mr.Fruit, who are direct suppliers of vegetables, berries and fruits to such giants as Lidl.

Our brand, under which we pack and sell, is “Saariston Marjatila”. Our peculiarity is organic fruits. We use only biological processing methods from the “Biobest Group”.

Since nowadays a lot of chemical methods of fruit processing are used, organic products are gaining popularity. People want to take the most healthy and naturally delicious berries. We are one of the first Finland companies to completely switch to biological processing methods. Therefore, our products are in great demand. This is also an important factor of our rapid growth.

In a stable progression, we plan to increase our production volumes every year, and to do it at all stages, build new greenhouses, packaging, cargo shops, and simply fight for the best in our sphere. We care and are responsible for each of our employees. We are like a big family, reaching the goals together.

Our dream is to create a single team of permanent employees. Our goal is to give everyone a chance to prove themselves. We promise to all conscientious, hardworking, honest and decent workers long-term cooperation, career growth and more earnings opportunities.